Cost Analysis and Internal Controls (30001)

I teach Cost Analysis and Internal Controls in the Spring quarter. In summary, the course develops your ability to analyze the economic costs of important decisions within a firm. These decisions include make vs. buy, abandon vs. continue, setting transfer prices, and evaluating employee performance, to name a few. When you leave the course, you will understand key costing concepts such as overhead allocation, activity-based costing, capacity costs, customer profitability, transfer pricing, performance evaluation, and internal controls. We apply a case-based approach to learning. Cases cover both the manufacturing and service sectors. The course is highly recommended for students intending to become management consultants, entrepreneurs, managers (e.g., CEOs, CFOs, product managers), and anyone with an interest in learning how firms make product and service decisions from a cost-analysis perspective.

For Booth students interested in learning more about the course, the Course Detail is located here.

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